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Public Attention: Significant Applications of PCMC

PCMC, 4-chloro-3-cresol, with the appearance of white or white-flake crystals, is a safe and mildew-proof antibacterial-agent with high-efficiency. Compared with the solubility in water is 4 g/L, it is easily dissolved in such organic solvents and alkali aqueous solutions as alcohol, ether and ketone. In addition, it is completely dissoluble in oils and fats. It is universally applied to in all walks of life, both industrial sectors and other fields. Having been used either for cosmetics, or for leathers, or for metal-cutting liquids, PCMC is the first choice for Food and Drug Administration (FAD) among so many antibacterial drugs.

The advantages of pcmx applications are as follows:

First, it is used for hospitals and medicinal purposes.

It can kill resistant pathogenic germs, meanwhile, and it can be applied to the prevention and treatment of some infectious diseases which are caused by all kinds of either drug-resistant bacterial strains or non- drug-resistant bacterial strains. Before the operation, it is available for skin disinfection, and it can sterilize surgical instruments. It can keep equipment and hard objects daily cleaning lest they might have suffered cross infections. It is widely used to produce medical antibacterial soaps and fungicides for feet as well as some general first aid supplies. It can be chemically combined to form a compound with such different types as liquid, waterless hand sanitizer, soap powder and cleaning frost and so on. PCMC can be used for antiseptic substances in other drugs.

Second, it is used for households and daily sterilizers.( Triclosan supplier)

With the rapid advancement of people's living standard, people have strong awareness to keep fit. Due to its unique advantages, PCMC is exceedingly popular among customers. It cannot irritate the skin and can contact the skin directly. It can clean cuts. It is a good pesticide with different types such as liquid, frost and cleansing lotion. It is widely used for antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizer for personal health, among which shampoo with the function of curing the dandruff is customer's favorite.

Third, it is used for industrial purposes.

It has many functions, sometimes; it is added to a coating of paint as a fungicide in damp environment, sometimes, it is applied as glues to prevent microbes from decomposing to produce unpleasant smell. Sometimes, it is blocked the filters and corroded metals to keep the products losing the effects. Sometimes, it is used to process leathers to stop mold, PCMC is also resistant to the bacterial and fungous attack. It is extremely effective for saline furs, plant leathers, air-drying raw hides. It is applied to the finishing and post-processing of textiles, especially for the dipping of fibers

Researchers have believed that PCMC from PCMC supplier and PCMC manufacturer was and still has paved the way for economic development and social advancement. It has rocketed into the stardom and captured the world's attention. In the near future; it will bring new changes into play in all walks of life both in industrial production and in daily care.