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How much do You Know about PCMC and its Application in the Production and Daily Life?

As we all know, antifungus and anti-mildew agent can be widely used in various kinds of production methods, such as the batch type and continuous mode, the processing can be conducted under the condition of without changing the manufacturing process and production equipment as much as possible. It belongs to the treatment agent of non-release type, which has no seepage loss, doesn't vacillate, also cannot be consumed by microorganisms, gives superior durability for the substrate surface. It owns the property which the chemical bonding is conducted at room temperature, and the response at room temperature can be effective (spray style), it cannot be damaged at high temperature. It's suitable for surface treatment of the long fiber, staple fiber and fabric, natural leather and synthetic leather.

PCMC, in English we say 4-chloro-3-cresol, which molecular formula is 59-50-7, is a kind of safe and efficient antifungus and anti-mildew agent. Its solubility is 4 g/L in water, and it's well soluble in the organic solvent and alkali aqueous solution such as the alcohol, ether, ketone, etc., and freely soluble in the fatty oils. Its appearance is white or white flake crystal or lumpy crystals, and it's widely used in the personal care products such as p-chloro-m-cresol for cosmetics and leather, metal cutting fluid, concrete, film, glue, petrochemical, textile, paper and other industries.

It gives the matrix a superior durability after being processed, and has an unique protective function for the antibiosis of the microorganisms, it can be used for fabric dyeing process before processing and finishing machining process can be used, in order to prevent the harm caused by microorganisms, prolonging the service life of the fabric, making the treated fabric have more soft touch and anti-static effect.

Although PCMC has so many advantages, we shouldn't look down upon how to store and use it.

First of all, remember to keep it away from heat and open flame. In the unopened original container, at or below 77℉(25℃) temperature conditions, the storage life of antimicrobial agents is 12 months calculated from the time when leaving the factory. Because this product is sensitive to moisture, after each use it should be sealed with a cover.

When handling this product, you should wear protective glasses, masks and rubber gloves, etc., to be protected from the injury. If only you suck into some gas in the industrial operation accidently, antimicrobial treatment agents will not produce obvious harm to your health. If your eyes contact with the undiluted product directly, it will cause serious damage, so you must pay special attention to avoid contacting it of your eyes. If accidentally splashed in the eyes, you must rinse immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes, and timely have a medical treatment. Skin contact for a short period of time can cause slight irritation. Repeatedly or in contact with skin for a long time will cause blistering and skin burn, so you must pay attention to not make it have a repeated contact with your skin or over a long period of time.(PCMC supplier, chlorocresol manufacturer, isophorone manufacturer)