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The Traits and Usage of PCMC

The 4-chloro-3-cresol, of which molecular formula is 59-50-7, is a type of secure and higher efficiency PCMC. It's easy to dissolve in the alcohol, ether, ketone, organic solution and alkali aqueous answer, and dissolve in grease completely. Its solubility is 4 grams per liter within the water. Its look is white and almost while tabular and clumps crystals, which is widely used in individual care goods and leather, metal machining liquid, concrete, film, glue, oilation, spinning papermaking and other industrial fields.

It's colorless liquid or crystal with unique odor, corrosivity and toxicity. It's tough to dissolve in water. On the contrary, it's easy to dissolve in the aqueous alkali, methylbenzene, ethyl alcohol and other organic solution. It can produce oxidation action gradually. And its boiling point is 201.9, melting point is 34.69, and flash point is 86.1. Its spontaneous ignition point is 559. Its density ratio is 1.0178. Its steam and fog is poor for eyes, mucosa and respiratory tract. The poisoning is shown as burning sensation, cough, gasp, headache, emesis, breathe difficult and laryngitis. It has strong irritating odor for skin. Really, the para-chloro-meta-methylphenol has many utilizes, which could be introduced briefly as follows.

It's the raw material of anti-aging agent, which may be used as resin and plasticizer in elastic business, as well as midbody and sanitizer in the medicine. In addition, it could also be applied in slice, pesticide, dye as well as other industries. Using the rapid improvement of business, the demands for p-chloro-m-cresol for cosmetics have elevated continuously in the marketplace. Besides, it has new uses that are the main raw material of ultraviolet light absorber in foreign market owing to the severe harm towards the atmosphere and sun's influence on human within the current years. Together with the increasing demands and development of new uses, its consumption has a substantial improve within the marketplace.

Based on the marketplace survey and evaluation of personage inside course of study, its consumption is growing at 10% to 15% price annual year in the world. Therefore, it plays a great effect on the down-stream item and provides huge space for the development. For instance, the raw material of synthetic docycycline, dipyridamole, naproxen and amoxicillin, the catalyst of acrylic ester, textile auxiliary agent and film within the production, as well because the curing agent of resin, coating, artificial board, casting and oil paint in the industry. (chloroxylenol manufacturer, isophorone manufacturer)

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