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To Pursue the Red Memory, To Experience the Loess Charm


To Pursue the Red Memory, To Experience the Loess Charm To Pursue the Red Memory, To Experience the Loess Charm
It comes to a beautiful spring of 2013, in order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of company staff, company organizes a classic four-day red tourism—Xi’an,Yan’an,Terra-Cotta Warriors. With the adequate regards from the leadership about this trip, the selection of route, arrangement of time and allocation of materials and crew are paid more attention. The tourist group flies from Shanghai to International Airport of Xianyang on May, 28, which pulls the opening of the trip. On the first day, we arrive at the former site of the Xi’an Incident—Chang Hsueh liang’s Mansion; visits the world’s biggest and the most integrated military fortress—Ming Dynasty City Wall; appreciates the biggest theme culture square—the North Square of Giant Wild Goose Pagoda with grand magnificent appearance. Far-seeing the historic building of Ming Dynasty—the Bell Tower and the Drum Tower in the center of Xi’an city, we are surprised with its title as the best among other constructions in the nation. For those people who enjoy a lot about food, the Antique Street of Bell Tower Square has all kinds of Xi’an special snacks, which brings the folk custom of Xibei to the taste. We search for the root and worship the ancestor. For ‘see how the Yellow River's water/ move out of heaven/entering the ocean, never return’, we extend the trip to Hukou Waterfall. And at the entrance of Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors, four big words of unifying the county brings us back to the original impression about the Terra Cotta Warriors from one of Chinese ancient literature. How many people once thought that the Terra Cotta Warriors are made by the living people? In Xi’an, we experience the simplicity of the old city, the grandness of emperor’s mausoleum and the power of the Hukou fall. Along with the pathless Loess Plateau, we arrive at the old revolutionary base areas—Yan’an. The scenery on the road reminds us of an old song singing ‘the wild goose heard my songs; the white clouds touched my face.’ After the breakfast, we start to visit the new appearance of the old revolutionary base areas. The tourist guide changes a revolutionary outfit to explain the history of the Party in Yan’an, the biggest 268 cave dwelling and the magnificent Baota Mountain. Everyone is personally on the scene and feels back into the ancient times. On the night of May, 31, the trip ends with a deep memory of the beautiful landscape and the kindly colleague relationship. The trip shortens the distance between staff, deepens their friendship, builds the opposite atmosphere; strengthen the cohesion force among Shenghua Group. It also shows the idea of ‘People Oriented’, broadens staff’s horizon, cultivates their tastes and finally uncovers company’s belief: Building Prosper with Honesty, Purifying World with Peace! Jiangsu Huanxin High-Tech/Shenghua Group June 3rd, 2013