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New Year Banquet of Shenghua Holding Group in 2013


New Year Banquet of Shenghua Holding Group in 2013 New Year Banquet of Shenghua Holding Group in 2013

On the coldest day in the traditional Chinese calendar, January 11,2013, although the wind is piercingly cold and everyone seeks for somewhere warm in the typical water town south of Yangtze River in Kunshan, the Sheng’s Delicate Cantonese Restaurant on the Ma’anshan Road fills with happiness and laughter as warm as spring. The atmosphere reaches the highlight with the decoration of the golden floriated droplight and red carpet. All staff from Shenghua Holding Group and YTL Bonding Company participate in the banquet with the theme of ‘Reunion of happiness, Anticipation of gratefulness, Pursuit of perfection, Vitality of prosperity.’

During the activity, General Manager, Mr. Zhang Qiuhua addresses a speech to thank all staff’s hard work in the year and also the solid support from the business friends by retrospecting the past and prospecting the future. After the speech, wonderful performances and lottery activity are followed. What’s more, all programs are arranged and directed by its staff, which fully shows the creativity of staff and elegance of company.

Due to company staff’s hard work and support of friends from all circles during the growth of the company, everyone gets a destined feeling about each other at this moment, when the deep feeling and expect about the company are evaporated. The whole activity is conducted under a vehement and vigorous atmosphere, which totally demonstrates the spiritual outlook of the company.

We embrace 2012 with gratefulness and prospect 2013 by drawing a brighter view.